Mt.Fuji Mountain Lodge information

The GORAIKO-KAN is located in 3,450 meters above sea level,and (it is the mountain hut) which is the nearest to the top of Mt. Fuji.
The mountaintop is the very front if you climb to here and the most suitable place to view the sunrise from the top.
We recommend you get slowly from the morning and spend some hours here(to fix the physical condition) with to expect the sunrise seen from the mountaintop.

The Shadow of Mt.fuji at dusk,The star-filled sky which seems to reach the hand.
Please experience a superb view and the impression that you can not have on the ground.


Lodge name GORAIKOUKAN (3,450 meters above sea level)
Business Period We could be take your reservation from July 1 to September 10.
Capacity 90 Guests
There is no shower room. See FAQ for details
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CHECK IN / 14:00
CHECK OUT / 6:00
Credit Cards Not accepted

Floor plan


By Bus

The easiest option for reaching the slopes of Mt.fuji is to take the bus from SHINJYUKU in Tokyo.
The direct bus takes 2-2.5 hours,depending on traffic,and takes you directly to the start of the climb at KAWAGUCHIKO 5th Station.To buy a ticket,take the WestExit at SHINJYUKU station.

By Train

There is no direct to Mt.Fuji by train,but you can get very close and change to a bus for the rest of the way.
From Tokyo, the two main staging points are FUJIYOSHIDA and GOTEMBA.This way allows you to use any of the ascent or descent routes.

Via Fujiyoshida

FUJIYOSHIDA can be reached by taking the JR Chuo Line to OTSUKI and changing to the Fujikyu Line.The Fujikyu Line passes through FUJIYOSHIDA to KAWAGUCHIKO, where hourly buses shuttle to the 5th STATION.
If you are planning to walk from the foot of the mountain,Fujiyoshida is also the starting point of the YOSHIDAGUCHI TRAIL.The sunrise takes place on this side of mountain.

Via Gotemba

If heading for the SUBASHIRI route take the JR Tokaido Line from Tokyo through ODAWARA to KOZU station then change tain for GOTEMBA.From SHINJYUKU take the Odakyu Line to SHIN-MATSUDA and walk to the neighboring Gotemba Line Matsuda Station.This local train usually runs just once per hour.
During official climbing season there are direct buses from the GOTEMBA station to the SUBASHIRI 5th STATION.


The YOSHIDA-GUCHI TRAIL leads from the KAWAGUCHIKO 5th STATION to the mountaintop.The most popular starting point is KAWAGUCHIKO 5th STATION which offers you a last chance to stock on supplies before heading out.It takes about 4km from here to The GORAIKO-KAN,and 6 hours slowly on foot.
The peak of the climbing season(20th of July to mid ofAugust), there are often huge crowds of people and you may have to wait at certain passing points.We recommend a plan having the time to climb,however,all the amenities will be open.


It takes about 6Km from the SUBASHIRI 5th STATION to The GORAIKO-KAN,and 7 hours slowly on foot.There is a separete path descending down the mountain back to KAWAGUCHIKO around the 8th STATION,be sure you take the right one !
You can descend a mountain in "a sand run" for exclusive use of the descent from a mountain around the 7th STATION.

Mountain Climbing

Mt.Fuji is a real mountain and should be treated with respect.
The recommended way of doing this,is to climb to a mountain hut around 7th or 8th station level on the first day, spend some hours sleeping there. Again you resume climbing at the break of day.
It is very cold on top.During summer, at the top it will be 5℃ or less during the night.
The temperature difference of the foot and the mountaintop is 20 degrees Celsius. You need proper clothes against low temperatures and strong winds,and also a hat and sunglasses, sunscreen lotion because sunlight is severe in the daytime.

Climbing Equipment

Take a lightweight back pack containing:
HAT, Face Towel, rain clothing, High-protein snacks(such as Energy bars), sturdy shoes, Flashlight(with extra batteries), SUNGLASSES, Japanese money(Coins as the toilet pay-per-use), SUNSCREEN, Drinks(Water bottle:2L), Grooves, Camera for the spectacular views!!, ID card, Bottle of Oxygen

Climbing shoes

Climbing foot wear. If possible hight-cut climbing boots are good. Please get used to wear your climbing boots before you climb so your feet are comfortable. Thick socks will also cushion your feet when wearing climbing boots.


Prepared your Backpack with what you need for the days climb. Carry a plastic Mac in your backpack in preparation for sudden rain. 30L capacity Backpack is suggested to put what you require for the climb, choose a Plastic Mac which fits your body.

Winter clothes

Fleece is suitable for climbing because it has high moisturizing ability and dries quickly even when wet. In addition,it is recommended because light down is weighing less.

Rain wear

Rainwear is essential for mountaineering. Be prepared just in case the weather changes.It can also be used as a windbreaker. Prepare a separate type of cover such as a poncho just in case it is windy.


The elevation is high and the sun is very strong. A hat is necessary for sunstroke and head protecion. Sunglasses that are UV cut as UV protection protects the eyes. Dust may blow in the wind so protect your eyes also a mask to prevent breathing in through the mouth and nose.


Torch is necessity for mountain climbing at night. I will prepare the torches for lighting up the mountain trail. Make sure your torch is secure to your wrist. We also have waterproof torches.


Bring a helmet for a sudden eruption etc. Protects the head even when falling. You need gloves to prevent falls and cuts. It is a necessity because there are parts that climb which are rocky and parts of the climb you have to hold onto a rope.

Behavioral food

When mountain climbing, you may consume a lot of energy before noticing it, and it may not be able to move because of lack of breath. It is important to keep your energy up, carry something with you such as a sugary sweet this will help greatly.

Drinking water ・ Mobile oxygen

Bring water to re- hydrate at least 1L As there is no mountain hut on shimoyama. The road compared to the mountain trail, it is also used for water supply to shimoyama. Please prepare in a container that contains 1L or more. Oxygen inhalation is reduced when claiming the mountain, fatigue may set in breath slowly to prevent mountain sickness.

Convenient stuff

Ziploc bag (You can put wet things etc. or as a garbage bag) Towel handkerchiet.Tissue.Wet tissue.Clock.Mobile phone.Mobile battery for mobile phone etc... Digital camera, Sunscreen, First and kit, Conventional medicine, Insurance card etc is Essential for climbing to the top.