Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a lot of information received from everyone.
please check before booking mountaineering.

About accommodation

What is the dinner menu

Dinner is a hamburg steak bento box (Westem food plan) Or Mackerel simmered in Miso (Japanese plan)Two types of are available.
Please select each plan when making a reservation.
※The same plan in the group for preparation.
Specifically, please see guidance of meal.

What time should I arrive by?

Portable breakfast will be given at dinner time.
Have breakfast and eat at the summit.
It is also possible to eat indoors.

Is there a charge when using the toilet.

First costs is 300yen (the cost of running the toilets is very expensive because all waste is transported down the mountain, we leave it up to you to pay for further visits).

Can I leave my luggage when I go to the summit of Mt, Fuji?

When you go to the summit and have stayed at our hut, we will store your luggage for free.Please come back to our hut, Goraikoukau and pick up your luggage before going down the mountain.

Where is the live camera?

It is installed near the Goraikoukan reception desk. Please enjoy the ever-changing landscape.

Do you need a sleeping bag.

As we prepare futon, sleeping bags is unnecessary.

When can I make a reservation.

We are planning for May 8th start. The reservation start date is announced on the website.

How should I contact the mountain hut while climbing?

Please contact us if you arerunning late or you are not feeling well. Mountain hut telephone ( 0555-24-6510)

Is there a place for showers and baths ?

There is no shower or bathroom as it is a remote mountain facility, only toilets Please bring your towel and wet tissue etc you require for cleaning yourself.

About climbing

Which mountain trail can you go from when you go to the Goraikoukan.

You can come from the Yoshidaguchi mountain trail and the Subashiriguchi mountain trail.

How long does it take from the 5th meeting to the Graikoukan.

It takes about 6 hours 30 minutes from Yoshidaguchi. It will be around 7 hours from Subashiriguchi.

I am worried about altitude sickness.

It is recommended that you get used to the air pressure of the 5th station. By stretching or taking a walk it for at least 30 minutes this will climatize you.

Please tell me the times of the Sunrise.

The time for the Sunrise is as follows.
Early July / Around 4:20
Mid-July / Around 4:30
Early August / Around 4:45
Mid-August / Around 5:00
Early September / Around 5:15
You can also see the Sunrise coming from our hut.

Do you need Shoe Spikes for climbing.

You do not need Shoe Spikes for climbing to the summit.

About traffic

How can I check the regulation form, for my car.

It is different in Yoshidaguchi and Subashiriguchi.
Please check website below for car regulation information
*Fuji Subaru line car regulation information.
Mt.Fuji toll road (Fuji Subaru Line) Official hompage.
*Shizuoka Prefecture Fujisan car regulation information.
Please check website below
Shizuoka Prefecture Fujisan Summer time my car regulation.

Have you ever been unable to park your car at the 5th parking lot.

Please check regulation for 5th parking lot, at the toll booth sign for Fuji-Subaru line.
If full or not open, we recommend using Yamanashi Prefecture or Hokuroku Prefecture Parking.